Applications for and renewal of the different levels of ICF Credentials are made to and processed by the ICF Global.

There are 3 ICF Credentials, details of which are found on the 
ICF Global website :

Associate Certified Coach(ACC)

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Each credential level has a minimum requirement of a specified number of

i)                    Coach-specific training hours

ii)                  Hours of coaching experience

iii)                Hours of work with a Mentor Coach for Credentialing, as well as

iv)                The successful completion of an online exam.

If you are interested in obtaining an ICF Credential and you are a Nigerian coach, please review the following information on the ICF Global website:

 Requirements for ICF Credentials 
Summary Chart

·         Core Coaching Competencies

·         Ethics/Standards

·         Mentor Coaching for Credentialing Policy

For more details on application or renewal of your credential, go to the
ICF Global website or you send an email to


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