As part of the ICF community in Nigeria, you are now a part of a passionate network of coaching professionals in your region. Our purpose is to ensure the global vision is actualized in Nigeria.


The 2016 vision states:

·         Coaching will be an integral part of society

·         ICF coaches will represent the highest quality in Professional Coaching

·         All members will derive value from joining and participating in the ICF

·         ICF standards will be the benchmark for professional coaches in theory and practice

·         Buyers will view ICF credentialled coaches as the coaches of choice in the market

·         The ICF will advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching

·         The ICF will be the source of the most credible and trusted industry information


This is what we see for this Chapter…

·         We see a network of world class professional coaches in our region; 

·         We see coaching in our region as a visible and relevant profession; 

·         We see coaches taking pride in what and who they are as professional coaches; 

·         We see constant opportunities for professional development through regional and international seminars and conferences; 

·         We see coaches with access to latest research and journals on topics that impact the development of the profession; 

·         We see credible and internationally accredited coach training programmes in our region; 

·         We see professional coaches upholding the ethics and standards of the profession as the industry blossoms.


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