My Experience as an Internal Coach

My experience as an internal coach has been quite exciting and educative especially being in Human Resources department of the company. Just like it has being for other coaches, coaching is relatively unknown, and a coach is misunderstood and confused for a mentor, advisor or consultant. The first challenge as an internal coach for me was introducing “coaching” to my organization.

I started out by introducing coaching to my team (the HR Group) and after several presentations, tests and homework assignments I can say they understand what coaching entails. A few of them have taken interest in coaching and are willing to take up coaching for themselves and as an area of specialization as part of their HR role.

I later reached out to our Talent Group. The Talent Group is our “future leaders” identified from different departments through a thorough and rigorous process. I chose this group because they are few, the purpose of establishing the group – future leadership, aligns with my niche coaching area – Leadership & Executive Coaching and they are the most likely change agents in the company.

My efforts are gradually paying off as a few of my current coachees were recommended by their managers as part of their accelerated development.

Generally all my clients/coachees have come to appreciate the importance of coaching. One of my them said; I think everybody needs a coach to get them to achieve their ultimate goals in different aspects of life.

My Target:

  • Make coaching a core development program for all current and future leaders of the company.
  • Have more employees, especially from HR group, take up certification courses with ICF accredited coaching institutions, hopefully with some financial support from the company’s training budget.
  • Develop a measure of ROI on coaching for the company to make it easier for my team to sell coaching to management.
  • Influence other organizations to buy coaching

Future Challenges for Me as an Internal Coach:

  • Coaching an employee as last ditch attempt to save their employment
  • Ability to separate my role as an employees’ coach and the HR Manager, especially when serious management decisions are being made on their future with the company.

Uche Opah

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ICF • 11th April 2017

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  1. Fawusi Dayo 11th April 2017 - 1:04 pm Reply

    Thanks for that beautiful piece Uche. Many high performing organisations have chosen Coaches for their top executives, because they have, over the time realized the huge cost lost to less than adequate preparations for new executives in their roles.

    Past executives have had to learn what works and what does not work on their own, and in many situations, they have failed before they figure out what works best. And the failures have high cost attached to them.

    Your efforts I believe when fully embraced , will provide a structured guide for our organisations future leaders and improve business successes and personal satisfactions at all levels.

  2. Habiba Balogun 12th April 2017 - 9:19 am Reply

    Dear Uche, what a great article. It is really enlightening about the challenges and benefits of internal coaching here in Nigeria where awareness of its power as a leadership development tool is very low. Very exciting!! Thanks.

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