11 Apr 2016

15 Effective Ways To Remain An Agile Leader

Being an effective leader takes tact and initiative. You need to see the vision of your company and lead your entire team to the finish line with ease. No matter the obstacles that come your way, you need to find a way to overcome them without fear. You must be agile in your attempts and succeed at every turn.

It is this agility that can promise success as you are able to move seamlessly through your days, finding ways to adapt to the issues at hand. You can predict the next move and pivot when necessary to avoid conflict and problems. It is this agility that is the true mark of a leader.

Below, 15 members of Forbes Coaches Council share they key to remaining agile as a leader, from learning how to pivot to remaining calm under pressure or mastering your decision-making skills.

1. Learn How To Remain Calm Under Pressure

In today’s business environment of unrelenting pressure, agile leaders must learn the ability to turn attention inward to confront heightened levels of urgency. Important ways to manage stress include staying in the moment, paying attention to the body’s response to stress, mastering the mind through breathing, meditation and labeling emotions to increase interoceptive awareness. – Maria Pastore, Maria Pastore Coaching

2. Develop A Strong Team Of Leaders Around You

To be an agile leader means that you are nimble and responsive to opportunities. As a leader, you cannot remain agile if you are mired in putting out constant fires that emerge in the daily operation of your organization. To solve this, build a strong team of leaders who can effectively manage the daily routine so that you are available to think and respond strategically when opportunities arise.

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