24 Dec 2020

5 Steps to Identify Your Niche

5 Steps to Identify Your Niche
Posted by Brittany Salsman, ACC

How many times have you received the advice to “niche down” or “find your niche” or “identify your target audience.” Some even recommend getting so specific that you can craft an avatar of your ideal client.

While it is important to identify your specific area of expertise, it can be challenging to actually accomplish this. But to set yourself apart from other coaches, doing so is critical. To start this process, let’s first step back to see the larger picture.

As you know, a foundational aspect of life coaching is your ability to view your clients as experts on themselves. They are the expert on their beliefs, opinions, attitudes and experiences. Your job as a coach is to ask simple yet curious questions that help illuminate various aspects of their being in order to generate new insights…

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