27 May 2021

WBECS 11th annual Pre-Summit

This year, @WBECS is hosting its 11th annual Pre-Summit! It’s all about Reimagining the Future of Coaching – a solution-driven approach to client expectation and demand in ‘the new normal.’

This is a FREE event running through June 17, bringing you convenient access to the most brilliant minds in the coaching industry.

This year’s thought leaders include world-class experts such as Hubert Joly, Martin Seligman, Michael Bungay Stanier, Dorie Clark, Hal Gregersen, Erica Dhawan, and many more!

Registration for the World’s Most Impactful Online Coaching Summit is now open.

Save your FREE seat for your favorite thought leaders: https://coach.wbecs.com/wbecs-2021/a182713

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